This life is just a dream

If I tell you that you are living in a dream,
How would life, which you are going through seem?

If I tell you that everything which you heard or read is a lie,
How would you feel about the knowledge so far compiled?

Do you feel that you are tied down by work and relations around?
Do they matter? As there is something more beautiful to explore than which surrounds

Alas!! This dream that you live in is like a drug that pulls you down
Every time you want to be awake, it puts you into another sleep and your path is nowhere to be found

I tried myself to be awake but failed,
Could see the coast in this ocean of dreams but the worldly storm would prevail

Now I have started laughing daily at my life,
For I know it is getting tired of dragging me back into this worldly life

What do you think if I tell you that I can wake you up from this?
Would you leave everything and come to me for peace?

Release yourself from this dream,
Just leave your gadgets, take a deep breath and scream
Go for a long walks in nature and just let go
Life is more than four walls around you that you know


Generational Problem

Is it our Generation’s problem?

It made me think a lot

Who should we blame?

“Is this your generation’s problem?” an aged man standing beside me in the queue asked. He was referring to a guy behind us who was getting impatient standing the queue and began shouting at the organizers. Sensing it as a good opportunity I started to converse with the old man. I asked him what he meant by “your generation’s problem”, he pointed out at people around me, they were either busy texting on their phone or talking on it or taking pictures or playing games. He said “You cannot sit at one place doing nothing and want quick fix for everything (referring to the impatient man). During our days we used to take turn to call, wait patiently till the operator used to connect and talk with dear ones. It was something we used to cherish and the time we spent talking on telephone was valued. But now a days, it is like a gene in the lamp, you can summon any one any time. The value for other person is almost gone and time spent is not that much treasured.”

Those words that day made me think a lot. I am guilty of spending most of my time either on phone or laptop (Work, reading, watching tv shows, texting). This behavior of mine people might think is normal but if you start looking in-depth or think it is almost like we are brain washing ourselves. When I see kids getting attracted to glowing screens it scares me. Can you separate yourselves from the gadgets around? Have we become slave of technology?

Another thing which crossed my mind was the impatience with which we live. What I have noticed with myself these days is that, I am always looking for quick results be in work, exercise or play; almost everything. And then I realized that it may be because of the use of technology. I can get everything these days on finger tips courtesy technology, any news I need I just have to open internet, any one to contact just dial or text them, any one to meet just do a video call. Everything we have these days using technology gives us instant gratification which in turn makes me want everything quickly. We don’t enjoy the process these days (I read somewhere that beauty is in the journey but not at the destination). We are doing things exactly opposite these days; we want results not the journey. This might be the reason why I see so many people burn out, lacking motivation. Is our use of technology to blame?

There is lot of answer and I know google will do that for us, but what do you think? Let’s switch off the screen and think for few minutes…”Is your salvation day nearby?”

Unknown Influence

Was she still there in the city?

I began to wonder is it worth all this

At last I found


There are days in our lives where we come to wonder about all the things which went wrong in Life, we tend to sometimes question our existence, blame ourselves or other for all the problem. That is the time when our mind chatter box at its best. It was one such day, I was walking home for lunch lost in thought with too many things in my mind and suddenly it happened.

It is very difficult to say how the particular incident happened, it was like a flash. It came and went away.

Sulking in my thoughts, arguing about life walking on a path full of people I say a ray of hope. She was like a lightning bolt; first came her smile and then her thunderous laugh and it conquered me. I stopped walking. She was waiting for her parents outside a coffee shop who were dropping her home after school hours. She must be 6 or 7 years old. Her smile was like a fresh breeze on that warm day. She looked at me and I smiled back and she laughed out again. I suddenly realized that i had to hurry back to work and that’s when we mentally parted.

I was lucky enough to spot her on my way for lunch for next few days and then she stopped coming. It was mini vacation time, that’s what my colleagues told me back at work. I started to wonder “Was she still there in the city?”

Seeing her on daily basis, I used to wonder of what we have lost, the smiles on our faces, the spontaneous bursts of laughter at any silly thing. Is this the price which we are paying for growing up, doing jobs, and going being material things more than what we want?

Many question were arising in my mind and I began to wonder is it worth all this effort on day to day basis. I made peace with myself long time back and was in sync with my life but things change, that’s what life is all about – “Change”. But the encounter with this kid made me realize that I could be the same old person if I was aware of the tide of change. It is our ability to accept and adapt to a situation which might bring us peace and get in touch with our inner child.

At last I found the secret, don’t know how long this inspiration would last but for now I am at peace.

We all do get such sudden bursts of inspiration in our lives from sources which are totally unexpected, and to such unknown influences I would bow down and thank them for teaching and seeding ideas which makes our world better.

Always smile and help others, who may know how many people you may inspire by your actions.

Information is what “I” am

Grown tired of making the same mistakes over and over

What is this confusion?

I know the path ahead

It had been weeks of disciplined routine which I finally could hold on, ignoring every silly temptation that came in my way. But yesterday, I broke my routine, I was heartbroken. This has been happening on and off; I started to contemplate what made this happen…

In this modern age, where information is on finger tips, where we not only feed our gadgets with information but also ourselves. We work in a world were data is considered a resource and information is power. We are constantly living in this world where unknowingly information is shaping us literally. Just to experiment, be away from all sort of information for a week, probably just be in silence, you will understand what I mean.

You might be wondering why this is bothering me now after all these years. I have been observing my body react to every time something is read, feel like I inject myself with some substance (especially when you read or watch negative news). Now you might think, is it so serious, I would say, yes it is. Just ponder upon this, the way you learned as you grew up is observing and absorbing information from surroundings. Don’t you think what we are is nothing but gathered information (apart from food, water and air that we intake). What we have been exposed to from childhood has shaped us into who we are today.

Now with this in mind, just imagine what our body is going through with information overdose.

I was in a dilemma, to know a lot is good, isn’t or it is not. I am used to reading and reading a lot on array of subjects. But there is a limitation for everything, an invisible boundary which needs to be recognized.

Now I know my path, I refuse to get involved in discussion which are not important, I limit my reading on NEWS, I limit my talk. I think our ancestors were smart, I am sure they realized (if not all at least few) the value of moderation.

Apply moderation in every aspect of life, let start with the noise of information which is darkening our world.

Solitude is what I look for now


I woke up in the morning and after half an hour of morning rituals I started to do something unusual

My mobile device had a blank wall paper, i downloaded an application and started changing its background wall paper. It took me 20 min and finally I found the perfect wallpaper. The satisfaction was very high, I was proud of my outcome.

It is then i realized that my mobile device functionality will not change, it is only the way it looks. The entire exercise was just pure waste of time.

This is what we are doing with our lives also, running behind unnecessary and loosing the essence.

Wake up call

It was a beautiful night..

Where was this world?

Every assumption made was wrong..

It was a beautiful night, I recently started taking evening walks because of the pleasant weather and on this particular night everything I thought was right proved me wrong. Whenever I go for a walk, I make it a point to think over a topic over and over so that I can gain some clarity on it (literally anything) and that night it was on SPACE. The topic of SPACE was something which was forced upon by the beautiful Moon beaming at me. The moment my eyes fell on it, I got mesmerized. Slowly stars started to wink at me and it was as if I was in a different world, full of silence and beauty. They were telling me to be there and that moment and enjoy.

Where was this world? This vibrant landscape, how can we miss this? In the world where people equate time with money, life is filled with targets, I can hardly see anyone of us looking around. For us “humans” we have become too much obsessed with our own self. I keep hearing about my problem, national calamity, global distress and all of this has to be with us humans. We have lost a wider picture, nature, animals and SPACE. In this world we coexist, not just us humans but millions of other life forms. But this obsession with US – Humans is killing us slowly. Hope I am wrong but we are reaching a point of no return. What should be done, I probably am not that big to suggest. I just do my part, reduce plastic usage, use public transport, controlled water usage, recycle what I can and care for nature around me. What I do is just minimize my footprint.

With all this thoughts going in my mind, I realized one thing that every assumption that I made in life was wrong. I should not be working to earn money for my future generations but to save the nature around. I looked at moon again and winked at it, I know it understood my concern and probably even agrees with me. At the same time cool breeze below, as if saying Mother Earth knows that I am right at in my heart.

Just a thought: Live in this moment. Save the world by changing yourself